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Wed, Jun. 1st, 2005, 12:57 am
gvillepartygirl: Looking for a summer sublease!

Looking for a summer, or however long sublease!
Roommates who like walking for exercise/fun would be awesome!

My current lease is ending this weekend! I thought I was going to stay and renew, but my room mates decided to pull all these things on me. (it just got really ridiculous recently, long, will share later if you're that curious...)

Anywho, I am a Very clean person, so i wont make a mess of the place...
If there will be roommates: I get along with just about everyone, and I am easy to get along with. I don't smoke, or anything like that. I don't have any weird habits, blast annoying music, or leave the kitchen a mess.. you wouldnt regret having me as a roommate! Also, I'd rather have other female roommates, thanks..!!! :)